It is getting close to ten years that The Milk House feature has appeared in magazines across the globe. The rural life column started off as a humble pitch by a recent college graduate and finally found an editor of an agricultural journal that was willing to take a chance on something different. Since then, it has been printed regularly in nine publications at various times, and in three countries and two languages.

As print publications consolidate or go under, it is becoming increasingly difficult for rural readers to find written material that they can relate to. Still, The Milk House column continues to seek new audiences, and by way of introduction, I’ve made the video below.

For most of my friends, I was the last person they knew to get a mobile phone. Then I was the last one to get a smart phone. I can’t say that technology is my strong suit. Nor did the budget allow for car chases and helicopter explosions. The video is low-fi and without flash, but is meant to be sincere. Hopefully that reflects the content of the rural life column it looks to explain.

Because I use the people, places, and livestock around me for The Milk House, I thought it only fair that the video does the same. I thank them all. So far no one has sought the assistance of a lawyer, which I take that to mean that I have their blessing.

If you’ve been a reader of The Milk House column, thank you. If you think the column might be a good fit for the magazine you usually read, consider sending an email to its publisher to tell them that. If you’re an editor looking for a regular feature in your publication, please keep The Milk house in mind.