Month: January 2020


It’s the price one pays for having friends.  This year I got weddinged. It happens to many people: you hit that age when all of your friends are getting married and suddenly your calendar is filled with nothing but ceremonies and receptions.  This year I attended five weddings in four different countries, and had to Read More

The Boy in the Handcuffs and Other Things We Did

The Steuben County Fair marked both the end of summer and a chance for farm kids in our area to hang out together under the guise of showing cattle. It was a break from the things required of us at home and a chance to spend time with peers of a similar experience—something that was Read More

Larry, the Sh– Duck

I can’t remember exactly how he had gotten here, which may be a testament to how long he was a common sight on the bank near the barn.  Since both my mother and aunt taught life sciences at local schools I can only assume that his origin is from a classroom egg incubation experiment.  If Read More

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