Month: November 2019

Not belonging

Walking Among the Owned

One yacht owner flew in a tiger so his guests could take selfies with it.  Another got bored and ordered a group of dwarfs to waterski around his boat for a laugh.  These were a few of the stories we had come across after arriving in Antibes, France, one of the superyachting hubs of the Read More

grounded in the past

Grounded in the Past

Dragging our moldboard plow through the fields in the spring always tended to turn up more than just the soil.  Sometimes there would be the lost neck chain of a cow that got scraped into the spreader, or parts of a deer carcass turkey buzzards might have pulled off the road.  Every once in a Read More

Cubs and Grandma

The Cubs and Grandma

As I write this (2017), the LA Dodgers have just beaten the Chicago Cubs in the National League Conference Series.  The Cubs didn’t put up much of a show, really.  Their bid to be repeat champions ended quietly in a 4-1 series loss.  For them it meant the off season, and for me, back to Read More

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