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Letter on Bill 1645, Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act

A letter from a reader The Solution We are all victims in this dairy crisis of human devastation due to the failures and injustice of systems, and actions, or lack of them, and the conduct of greed and sepsis of corruption that sickens and destroys not only the innocent, but also the very ones who Read More

The Pricing of Milk: Approaches around the World

Milk Pricing: A Survey of 5 Economic Communities The price the farmer receives for his milk is his most immediate concern, yet little seems to be known about the calculations and factors that go into determining farmgate prices.  Many of the present systems are being called into question, or are soon expected to be.  As Read More

World Collapse Breeds New, Angry Farmer

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in April, but is being reprinted on the request of readers. In a bad year, I asked my father why farmers seldom protest their political circumstances.  He gave me what I later termed the “Take Care of Your Own Corner” speech, explaining that the most a man can achieve Read More

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