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Post Dairy Crisis Europe Weighing in on Proposed “Milk Package”

By Ryan Dennis On March 15th, 2011, a member of the European Parliament introduced his report of the European Commission’s “Milk Package” meant to address problems associated with the cause of low farmgate prices.  The Milk Package, by emphasising contractual relationships, aims to even the lack of countervailing power experienced by dairy producers in the Read More

Pennsylvania Family Farm Defenders Calls NMPF Plan into Question

The following has been released by the Pennslyvania Family Farm Defenders: Meshoppen, PA: As National Milk Producers Federation’s (NMPF’s) “Foundation for the Future” (FFTF) nears completion as legislation and its benefits are widely being touted, Pennsylvania Family Farm Defenders (PA F.F.D.) is concerned that there are serious reasons to believe that the alleged benefits of Read More

Specter-Casey Bill Supporters Called to Action

The Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act, also known as Bill S1645 and the Specter-Casey Bill, expired several months ago on the congressional table.  Proponents of the bill are looking for legislative support to get it re-introduced.  LoriJayne M. Grahn and Tina Carlin, both farming wives, are calling on advocates to contact their representatives and senators. Read More

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