Looking for something to read? Check out the latest books published by writers who have been featured on The Milk House.

The Beasts They Turned Away, by Ryan Dennis


Ryan Dennis is the author of The Beasts They Turn AwayÍosac Mulgannon is a man called to stand. 

Burdened with looking after a mute boy, who the villagers believe to be cursed, the aging farmer refuses to yield in the face of adversity. He will do anything, at any cost, to keep hold of his farm and the child. This dark and lyrical debut novel confronts an apprehensive rural community caught up in the uncertainties of a rapidly changing world.

Published by époque press on March 11th, 2021, United Kingdom.

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Delia Meade, by Martin Keaveney


Martin KeaveneyNow the last of Delia Meade’s many children have married and moved away, she decides to tidy up the little room under the stairs, known as the Glory-hole. Amongst the forgotten toys, worn-out clothes and dusty boxes of photographs, Delia travels through happy and sad decades of her time at 109, Bog Road

Published November 14th,  2020 by Penniless Press, United Kingdom.

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Coming Soon

Shannon Hayes, Redefining Rich, August 2021, BenBella Books. Read Shannon’s piece here.

Richard Hawking, A Countryman’s Winter Notebook, November 2021Read Richard’s piece here.