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Dairy Welfare, Handling, Lameness

By Marcia Endres, University of Minnesota Extension Dairy Scientist Two recent conferences in the upper Midwest focused on the topic of dairy welfare: the I-29 Dairy Conference in Sioux Falls and the Wisconsin Dairy and Beef Animal Husbandry Conference. We have been hearing more and more about dairy welfare in our industry. This is a societal Read More

How Many Animals on Your Dairy are not Paying Their Way?

By Jim Salfer,  University of Minnesota Extension Educator-Dairy Generally, there are animals on every dairy farm that end up costing you money rather than making you money. The question is, how many? This question is something that every dairy producer should ponder. Cows in milk are the only animals on dairy farms that are making Read More

Controlling feed costs in 2011

By Jim Salfer, University of Minnesota Dairy Extension Supply/demand reports and futures prices indicate that we are going to have high feed costs in 2011. Fortunately, most of Minnesota experienced excellent growing conditions resulting in high yields that provide good inventories of both forages and grains for dairy producers. Feed costs are the biggest single Read More

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