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Specter-Casey Bill Expires, Looking to be Re-upped

By Ryan Dennis The Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act, also known as S1645 and the Specter-Casey Bill, expired on the floor of the U.S. Senate on the last days of 2010.  Introduced by Pennsylvania Democrat Arlen Specter and read twice on August 6th, 2009, the dairy proposal has run its allotment of two years after Read More

“Expansion” is the 2011 Buzz Word for Irish Farmers

By Ryan Dennis As Europe continues to shift from the concept of “Multi-functionality”-based payments towards a deregulated free market system, Irish dairy farmers are weighing their potential to increased their herd size- a move they may be forced to make to remain in business. As the milk quotas gradually ease, some are meeting the new Read More

Dairy Price Stabilization Program Creates Mixed Feelings

By Ryan Dennis Perhaps the severity of the 2009 dairy crisis can be measured by the passion and diversity of dairy reform proposals being weighed among producers in the United States.  Last year, Holstein Association USA introduced a proposition to reduce the volatility of the dairy industry that revolved around supply management- a practice common Read More

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