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Hairy Women of Klipnocky

The Hairy Women of Klipnocky

There are various theories on how they came about, depending on what coffee machine in Canaseraga you were leaning on and what old-timer you were talking to. Some would say they’re hippies who had moved into the woods and gone native. Others think they’re offspring of Big Foot. One tale has it that there were Read More

Cow Calling and Small Towns

Recently I went to the alumni banquet of Canaseraga Central School, the high school I, my father, and my grandfather attended. Currently, the district only has 250 students enrolled from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Too small for class reunions, anyone still in the area and so inclined gathers once a year for a meal of Read More

Milkman Tribute

When my cousin Jade was born with pretty red locks to brunette parents the first question asked was regarding the color the milkman’s hair. It’s not an uncommon joke by any means, nor is it exclusive to farmers. Nonetheless, I suspect most of the general population see’s in their mind’s eye a clean-cut man in Read More

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