Ryan Dennis

Ryan Dennis grew up on a farm in Western New York.  He hates pigeons, humidity, and Oprah.  In 2004 he was the United States National Dairy Bowl Champion.  Because this does little to impress women, he continues to write about agriculture.

Ryan Dennis tries to explore the dynamics of modern farming and the people who do it.  His fiction, personal essays and poetry have appeared in literary journals in Ireland, New Zealand and The United States.  Past publications include The Cimarron Review, Progressive Dairyman, Fusion, A Modest Review, JMWW, The Oak Bend Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Poetry NZ, Three Times Daily Anthology, Earthwords, Ergo, The Country Folks, The Aberrant Parade, ROPES, Esc, Threepenny Review, Daily Poetry and other literary journals. He essay, “Tempting the Language of Farming” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize and he was previously a Fulbright Scholar in Iceland, writing a collection of creative essays on Icelandic dairy farming.

Presently Ryan resides in Galway, Ireland, working on fiction that involves Irish dairy farming.



Illustration by Whitney Dennis, sister.