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“He shouts to get them to their feet./He curses their sicknesses, their obstinacies, their dead calves, and their grain costs./He calls them when he feeds them./These are sounds that don’t make a story.”

The Milk House Column:

The Lime Pile Field     The Rhythm of Farming     The Parlor Cat

The Lawn Between      The Last Crofter    My Life as a Starship Trooper

The Thing Itself     Why We Bought So Much Feed in Western New York

After the Spilt Milk        Santa Claus Doesn’t Milk Cows

Notes on Rocky Island Agriculture         The Farm Radio Cure 

The Boy in Handcuffs and Other Things We Did

On the Farming Community       Larry, the Sh– Duck

The Tight Shorts Conundrum     Milkman Tribute

The Parlor Hockey Life     The Icelandic Cow Principle

Farm Dog Phene      Assessing the Big “N”    The Geography of a Family 

Milking Cows During a Zombie Apocalypse       Laughing with Birds

In a Crowded Parlor      Question 16: Revisted       The Mind of a Body         The Hairy Women of Klipnocky

The White Revolution       A Manifesto on Fire         Taking Back Spring      Gambler        The Assessment of Land

The South African Farm Attacks      Watching Germans Milk Cows       The Barn Cat Dictum          Farmer’s Son as Streetperson

The Displaced Generation      The Greening of Greenland    Country Music and Me     The Notorious Out-dated Mustard Heist

A Woman’s Business      Behind the Curtains of a Christmas Column         Civilization: That is to Say, Farming

The Sparrow and the Robot     Venture of Solitude     Foreigner’s Guide to Over-thinking a Farm Visit    Problem People

Behind the Fashion          Anthem      The Warrior Farmers     Behind the Glass       The Custodians of Culture

Confessions on the Sistine Chapel      Time      Planting the (Patented) Seed of Resistance        Cow Calling and Small Towns

Chris and the Cornfield Romance      Songs without Words      The 20s, Revisited     Talking about Deer        Dinner for One

The Sheep in the Louvre        Vengeful Mutated Calf Fetuses        Losing Champ      Life, Unmeasurable 

Jurassic Park Farming      Scarf-Wearer, Cat-Shooter       Cowboy 1823259       Inter-planet Ag

Strange Bob Square Bale Pants        Dancing with Reality     Community, Cow by Cow        The Last Cowboy

The Punks of Belfast         Manure and Mysticism            The Monkey in Barn Boots         The Milk Mafia

Run Bucky Run      Silo City       Ag and the Elections- Part I     Ag and the Elections- Part 2   Christmas Conversations

The Breaking of Bill Bailey     Diving     She Gone Chicken Crazy     The Call of the Mountains       The Kelly House

Going Greyhound       The Country Mouse Pauses       The Giant Man Wearing a Hat in the Desert

The Rye in the Sky Idea      A Cowboy Once        As Seen on TV     Tea-Talk on the Irish Countryside   Rabbit People

I Walk the River   Nature vs. Man (On Bicycle)       Bad Principles       Bog Butter  

Writing the Wrongs of Farming Characters       Weddinged        Milking with Santa

Trading Punches (for Life Lessons)   What’s Actually Lost in Translation        Social Farming

That which was Marked by Squirrel Tails       Generation eXcluded     Fishing During a Class War

Born to be Broke      Typecast     Japan and its Milk Modernity    Giving Ball          The Viking and the Spartans

The Afternoon Crowd        Game of Misfits          Grounded in the Past          Walking Among the Owned

Man vs. Beefst        A Day in the Irish Mart               10 Farm Novels for Winter Reading        The Cubs and Grandma

The North Pole Conspiracy      The Digital Harvest