Month: December 2019

squirrel tails and a childhood

That Which Was Marked by Squirrel Tails

It was the usual rite of a rural upbringing, and time had come for my father and I to take part in it ourselves.  When I was eleven he took me to the end of the corn field, set up a hubcap, and had me shoot at it.  The shock of a twenty gauge is Read More

farming on the north pole

The North Pole Conspiracy

In an age of alternative facts, spin doctors and stilted media outlets, it is up to the individual to question the information he is given.  It is no longer enough to be told something or to see it on the television.  We have to think for ourselves.  We have to ask the hard questions.  That’s Read More

The Afternoon Crowd

We’re laying on the couch, watching Netflix.  My girlfriend rests her hand on my belly.  I shift on my side, so her hand slides off.  She puts her hand back on my stomach.  I browse through the movies, reading the descriptions below the titles.  She rubs my belly and sighs. Fine, I say.  I get Read More

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