Month: September 2019

farm in winter

10 Farm Novels for Winter Reading

Novels set on farms are getting hard to find, and a good one is even rarer.  To write about something well one usually has to come from that experience, and few people both farm and write.  Most narratives that involve agriculture are written as a pastoral, which paints the rural existence as one of serenity, Read More

The Digital Harvest

                                                                                                By Ryan Dennis My housemate brought home a virtual reality headset.  Being somewhat behind the times, I still thought they were the imagination of science fiction.  Slipping it on, I was amazed at how fast the physical world disappeared.  Suddenly I was in a shark tank, and every way I turned I was surrounded Read More

The Folks Go Abroad

                                                                                                                                                By Ryan Dennis My parents packed their bags and came to visit me on what they termed their “once in a lifetime trip.”  Being farmers, their opportunity to travel locally was limited, let alone to Europe.  When I asked them what they wanted to see, they simply replied that it didn’t matter—it was up Read More

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