Month: October 2010

Harold Shaw (Part 6)

Harold Shaw felt his arm tingle. That was the first sensation he had.  Before he opened his eyes he was aware of stillness, and how it felt empty.  He bent his arms, legs.   They scratched against the earth.  Opening his eyes, Harold found himself spread wide, his face in the bank of the crick. He Read More

Book Spotlight

Willard Cochrane and the American Family Farm by Richard A. Levin The Milk House supports literature that serves small agriculture, and in doing so introduces Richard A. Levin’s Willard Cochrane and the American Family Farm, winner of the Quality of Communication Award sponsored by the American Agricultural Economics Association. Willard Cochrane watched the dramatic decline Read More

The Pricing of Milk: Approaches around the World

Milk Pricing: A Survey of 5 Economic Communities The price the farmer receives for his milk is his most immediate concern, yet little seems to be known about the calculations and factors that go into determining farmgate prices.  Many of the present systems are being called into question, or are soon expected to be.  As Read More

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