Month: May 2010

Low Butterfat Test Problems

By Jim Paulson Extension Educator-Dairy, University of Minnesota Recently, I have received several reports of low butterfat tests showing up in dairy herds in Minnesota. This is usually a cause for concern because it generally indicates that something is wrong. What is a low butterfat test? It depends on the breed, production level, past history, Read More

Dangers of New Milk Pricing for Irish Farmers

By Ryan Dennis With the staunch resolve of the Agricultural Commission to remove all quotas by 2015, Ireland and the EU is heading towards a milk pricing structure that will likely bring new complications and possible hazards to small dairy farmers.  Deciding it will make for more efficient price determination, the EU is leaving behind Read More

Dairy Cows Vindicated from Emissions Debates?

By Ryan Dennis “He said that the raising of cattle was bad for the planet,” Comedian Ron White explains.  “With the cow flatulence in the ozone and the clearing of land for the raising of cattle.  What are you doing to help the environment? (his friend asks).” White replies, “I’m eating the cows.” In 2006, Read More

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