Month: April 2010

Israeli Dairy Farming

By Ryan Dennis How did a country with the least resources and worse climate create the most advanced dairy industry in the world? 5 Facts About the Israeli Dairy Industry Israel produces the most milk per cow in the world, both in volume (11,461 kg,/25, 267 pounds) and milk solids (3.29% protein, 3.71% fat) The Read More

Dry Cow Management and Nutrition Factors Causing Low Colostrum Production

By Noah Litherland, Extension Dairy Scientist I have received a few calls this fall from producers concerned with low colostrum production from fresh cows. Complaints of insufficient colostrum production appear to re-surface in the late fall every year. We know that providing adequate amounts of quality colostrum to dairy calves within the first hours after Read More

The Prices of Milk: Approaches Around the World

By Ryan Dennis Milk Pricing: A Survey of 5 Economic Communities The price the farmer receives for his milk is his most immediate concern, yet little seems to be known about the calculations and factors that go into determining farmgate prices.  Many of the present systems are being called into question, or are soon expected Read More

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